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This trendy low impact sports bra is one of the prettiest little bras you have ever saw! A beautiful "V" cut neckline with the cutest back details, this bra is sure to turn heads. This sports bra can also double as a bikini top in the summer on the beach! It comes in three colours: grey, red and iridescent white and is available in sizes small-extra large. 

Pictured: Jaylynn is wearing our red in a size small. Jaylynn wanted her bra to fit more snug around the rib cage as she is quite petit in the band (34A in a regular bra). She had red bra taken in by a seamstress in the back. This was easily accomplished and only cost her about $12 to have done! We understand that sometimes to get that perfect fit, alterations need be done and although bigger companies will not tell you they have tucked, sewn or pinned their items to look perfect, we wanted to share with you that we did! 

The photo of Caylee and Claudine together, both wearing our red bra, have had no alterations done on theirs! For reference, Caylee is a "36B" cup and Claudine is a "34C" cup in a regular bra.

We promise to always share real people (no photoshop here!) wearing our items and always remain transparent about our athletic wear!


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